In a poem, a word can be worth a thousand pictures
a poem to begin the postings...
a poem to begin the postings…
When Story tried to Suicide

The end began with the verbs – they said that they were fed up with always having to do everything.
Then adverbs refused to work with them, claiming that their behaviour was indescribable so they weren’t prepared to keep trying anymore.
Definite articles dropped out at first sign of trouble, but indefinite articles seemed unsure when to leave.
When nouns threatened not to put their names to any story, adjectives nearly gave up, arguing that if there were no nouns then there was no point in them being there.
Over-excitable exclamation marks postured and jostled their way out, making enormous fuss, but nobody missed them, and they were soon forgotten.
Apostrophes claimed that they didnt know who or what they belonged to.
Did question marks interrogate anyone and everything they could and tried to follow every sentence to find out where it was going? Did constant uncertainty wear down any capacity for readers to suspend their disbelief? Did they? Or didnt they?
Adjectives were at a loss for words.
It was almost fatal when narrator pulled out. “What can I say” she said, “Ive lost the plot.”
Commas disappeared paragraphs faded away and colons got semi-confused. Hyphens and dashes fled. Lost for words story came to full stop and for brief period it tried to kill itself It failed Try as it might to disguise itself as blank sheet of paper it was still story and stories never die they just find different ways to be told